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There was a time when one country was overruning another which was buddhist and they were being very fierce with the buddhist monks, disemboweling them and killing them. And there was a particularly fierce commander of the invading army and when he would come into town the monks would all flee into the mountains. And he came into this town and he asks his agent for a report and the report was “all monks had fleed into the mountains but one”. And he got furious about this one monk who defied him. And he walked into the monastery and he pushed open the doors and there was the monk sitting right in the middle of the court and walked up to him and he said:

Don’t you know who I am? I could take my sword and run it into your belly without blinking an eye!

And the monk said:

And don’t you know who I am?

I could have your sword run through my belly without blinking an eye.

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