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13/1/2009 – 22:45:56 – Rompy – Hei (Isa)Dora :) (hehe or was it Døra, thi-hi) Greetings from Norway. Been a while, but now is better than never. Hope you had a nice christmas and new year celebration and that you had a nice time with your loved ones. We even had lots of snow for a while, but then the rain came. Now there is nothing left :(

13/1/2009 – 22:58:54 – Rompy – [grrrrrr enter] Looking good on the picture ;) (ok, gonna stop looking at it now) (just one more time) Want to wish you all the best for the new year :) Oh, make people around you happy, and you will find yourself happy. Best wishes from the land of the midnight sun


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