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“elle dort et songe souriante en silence sanctuaire

elle dort et songe souriante en silence

elle dort et songe souriante

elle dort et songe

elle dort

[car je songe

et on narre sans histoire

et on acquiesce sans frisson

et on danse sans espoir

et on jeûne sans raison

et on aime sans le savoir

[car je sais

(never really asleep. never really awake…)”

“Que se fie pela regra

Aquele que se ampara

Com o zelo que se entrega”




“Estuda o ser do começo

Mantendo os olhos abertos

Na viagem pelo avesso”

I am dying
because you have not
died for me
and the world
still loves you

I write this because I know
that your kisses
are born blind
on the songs that touch you

I don’t want a purpose
in your life
I want to be lost among
your thoughts
the way you listen to New York City
when you fall asleep

(L. C.)

Segundo o dicionário Aurélio significa:

estabacar-se: Verbo pronominal.

1. Cair no chão com todo o peso do corpo; escarrapachar-se, estatelar-se.

Agora vamos julgar o verbo no Pretérito Perfeito:

eu estabaquei
tu estabacaste
ela estabacou

nós estabacamos
vós estabacastes
elas estabacaram



Sinônimos: esborrachar.
Antônimos: safar.
Palavras relacionadas: tombo, queda, escorregão.

Significado: Cair com forte impacto, sem tempo para reação.



Verbo, Regionalismo: Rio de Janeiro. pronominal

1 cair redondamente (p. ex., no chão); estatelar-se de modo espetaculoso, pronominal.

2 ir violentamente de encontro (a algo)



What’s the point of






For life



to come



I could go further



And no one’s






Your plans collapse,



run off or fall








If you dissect a bird

To diagram the tongue

You’ll cut the chord 

Articulating song.

If you flay a beast

To marvel at the mane

You’ll wreck the rest

From which the fur began.

If you pluck out the heart

To find what makes it move,

You’ll halt the clock

That syncopates our love.

-Sylvia Plath




We begin to move
A dance that brings us close together

and Sky

and Blood

Closer now I see your body
The darkest slice of Obsidian

You spin
Spinning so fast
my eyes are blind
to your true shape

you keep quiet and still
enticing and brilliant
(this is a lie)

I touch you and I fall to pieces
I touch you and I am cut to pieces


I have come for what my heart desires
Into the lake of fire
Which is quenched for me

I will cause to come into being
A flame beneath the head of mystery

I will take up the sky
I will hack up the horizon
I will walk to the ends of the earth

“My heart is with me and it shall not be taken away for I am a possessor of hearts”
“I live by truth”
“I live by saying what is in my heart and it shall not be taken away”
“my heart is mine
and none shall be aggressive against it
no terror shall
subdue me”*

I am reason

and I will split up in the sky

I will split up in the sky

leaving yesterday
and coming into


* The Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Book of Going Forth by Day. p. 103 – [29A – Chapter for not taking away the heart of one whose conduct has been vindicated in the God’s Domain]

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