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Primary judgement: Conflict.

The message of this hexagram is that even those who go through life with good-will and the best intentions will at times meet with hostility and powerful opposition. At this time it is advised that conflict be avoided, for conflict at this time (even if justified) will lead to more serious setbacks.  There are times when a “cautious halt” can be far more powerful than the most aggressive response.

Description of changes

The changes to line 1 indicate: “Little Gossip… Good Fortune Comes”- During times of opposition and conflict, gossip can often make matters worse. A change in this line represents a warning to restrain your thoughts on the matter, and allow the seas to become calmed.

The changes to line 2 indicate: “Return Home”- There are times in which the only way to avoid conflict is to retreat. At this time, since conflict is to be avoided, it is advised that even a retreat is better than to engage in hostilities. Such actions will ultimately benefit your entire household and community. There is no shame in a retreat at this time.

The changes to line 6 indicate: “The Belt is Bestowed”- A change in this line is a warning against the pursuit of a prize at this time. If one enters a conflict and emerges victorious, he will be given awards and favors. The warning here, however, is that these awards will be “snatched away”, and you will spend all your energy defending your new position. Misery comes after victory.

The future: following

The act of ‘following’ is often seen as a lesser state to ‘leading’.  But leading requires knowledge and knowledge is gained from following those who are experienced and great.  There is no shame in following one who has knowlege for that is how leadership is perfected.  In order to lead one must know what following is.  In order to follow well, one must be focused on leadership.  A weak follower is one who follows without ambition.  A weak leader is one who leads without a knowledge of following.

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