Ram Dass on Dharma

Now it’s the mopping up operation which may take many lifetimes. It’s all purification from here on out. It’s just cleaning up: it’s getting your body together, getting your heart open, getting your mind calm down. And understanding that a conscious being, recognizes that she or he has taken birth and the function of an incarnation is to end suffering. And that means wherever it exists. On any plane it existed. And you recognize that the optimum thing you to do to end suffering is to work on yourself and how you work on yourself depends on your dharma, what is you root through and for me my work on myself is to do what I’m doing this minute. If I think I’m doing this, I still got a way to go. Until this is just being done and I’m just part of the audience as you are. Am I attached to being the speaker? Am I looking for the rush of your appreciation?

(Ram Dass on Dharma, 1973)

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