Jellyfish, All is forgiven

Heal me darling
Pleaded the playboy bedroom eyes
Grace your sunshine
Till everyithing’s ok, alright, fine

What’s hers is his
‘Cause everything is forgiven

Though he soured the milk of human kindness
All is forgiven
(All is forgiven)

Truth and avarice
Encircle his words like a barberpole
Twisted and useless
Till they disappear in her camisole
(Goodnight alibi)

Throw away your daggers and pills
‘Cause everything’s still

Though he bit off the nipple of human kindness
All is for…

Hypocrite, four flusher, snake in the grass
Just a swindler and wolf in sheep’s clothing

Yes he tries to hide the cross he bears
But splinters, like the truth have always risen
All is forgiven

Though he shelters himself in the
Shades of the wings of a stool pigeon
All is forgiven

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