Ram Dass, Sacred in the Everyday

[32:48] Most of us think we’re really free when we break out of forms, but as long as you’re in an incarnation there’s no way out of form. You are in form. The question is: can you be free in form? For a lot of us we thought freedom was being able to, not work, for example. Freedom had to do with external freedom. It had to do with political systems, it had to do with economics, it had to do with how do you spent your time. But if you’re around affluent people at all you begin to see that that kind of freedom is not free. That those people are as trapped in their minds as people who have very considerable economic hardships. And that when we’re talking about real freedom, we’re talking about the freedom of awareness from identification with thought. That’s the deepest kind of freedom that Buddha talks about. And so the exercise becomes “How do you live in form, how do you live your life and do everything you do every day without getting lost in it? So that you are in it but not of it?”, so that there is all the feelings, and emotions and the play but it has the quality of play, or is as like Herman Hesse talks about: as a game. Or a dance, as it is talked about in the world of Shiva. The dance of life. The play or the dance. And how do you live your life in such a way that it is dance or play or sweet life? Rather than its all so heavy and serious and “I’m so important” and “whether I live or die is very relevant”.

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