Youth Code, Consuming Guilt

Strangeways that we are cheated
Of a torch to burn a path
Binding at the weeds to watch them grow

Existent beneath the cloaking of your love
Stapled to the walls and webs of which you’ve crafted.
Pining for a gasp from these strangulated insides
Only to be reminded of your imminent death

All of these roads are blocked
Exits out to arms
To truly love you is to
Stunt, stagnate, and bind you
Nothing is good enough
Love is just a leash
Consuming guilt, each drip dries throat to bone
Good means to go punished
My love comes with a price
All I want is to let you know
I own you
Wriggle on as you must
There is no compromise
Consuming guilt
You’ll walk your path alone

Shackled to a torturous relation
Bonded blood equates to lashes in out minds
With this whip
Each crack and pull, ministration
Assurance of protected cages
No wings to fly

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