You are the seeker

See, you are seeker. Right? Seeker, seeking liberation. Seeker has all its stuff. Lust, greed, doubt, fear, confusion, anxiety,… Hope. Faith. Charity. Compassion. And there’s a world around seeker: gurus, teachers, automobiles, starvation, violence, roses in june, babies smiling, all of it. All of it: the mother. All of the universe of forms, the mother. you are in relationship to the mother, that’s what your love affair is. You start out how do you relate to your mother at first, you drink from the breast, you start to suck from the mother, you start to consume all of it into yourself. pretty soon it develops, Freud not withstanding, into a full blown love affair. You are relating to all forms of the universe, you don’t have any longer “I love her” or “I love him” you’re in love. you’re going through the stages of meditation, you’re starting to open, you’re starting to fall, you’re starting to flow in and out of the forms around you in the universe. And something comes towards you that you notice because of a clinging, anger, lust, whatever it is, attachment, power, fame, possession, ah, await, an object? ah, mah, there you are again ready to be what? drunk from? made love to? and ultimately consumed, devoured. in the end of the mahamudra song it says at the end for a yogi, the lights of son and mother becomes as one. what is the process? how do you know the mother out there in form because you got a first chakra that’s pulsing away, you got a second chakra that’s pulsing away, you got a third chakra that is pulsing away…. all of them going out, energy starts up, voosh… lust, lust, lust, lust,… voosh… power, power, power, power,… gimme fame, power, control, mastered. All those forms out there created by that energy localized in those places, slowly consumed back, taking the stuff back in, converting it from the form. airplane sound, what is it? concept: airplane. concept: energy. concept: sound. concept: shákti. and when you see what the game is, you are being fed by the mother and everything in the universe becomes food for you. you are literally consuming the earth into yourself. that she consumes you as Kali and you consume her through your love. and the merge occurs at which point all of the shákti is right in the tiny channel in the spine, none of them is rushing to the chakras anymore. pure shákti. pure shakti, pure energy, you have taken the universe and brought it back into pure energy, that pure energy is the fuel for you to now to start to going form into formless, as you consume the mother into yourself, what is the mother?, it’s all forms. Christ said “I didn’t come so you get hung up in me, I came to tell you about the father”. what is Christ? the mother. what is Mary? the mother. what are gurus? the mother. what are methods? the mother. what is your body? the mother. what are your senses, what are the mouths? they’re the mother. you consume the mother. you consume the forms, when you see it’s all the mother, baby… hey ma, come on, oh, that’s an interesting dress you’re wearing today… come on, come on, feed me. make love to me. come on, close…. New York City? come on. come on, come on…. Anger? Good, you got me? good, ma, come on. until finally all there is is this flow, and every form you notice immediatelly gets consumed back into flow. taking form back into energy, you know, you’re sophisticated western technocrats, technologists, you know. all this matter is merely patterns of energy, molecular structures of stuff… physicists can’t even figure out whether this stuff exist or it doesn’t exist to this point. back into the stuff, and then when the energy is pure, when the lights of sun and mother had become one, when you have merged with the mother, then you’re ready for the father. because the only one that makes love to the father is the mother. you are never gonna get into the bedroom baby, as long as you’re a seeker. the door is closed. first you consume the mother, until you are the mother, and in this process, do you understand you are the lingam and you are the yoni, you are the phallus that’s penetrating into the universe and you are the yoni, the vagina that’s receiving everything into yourself. because the soul is neither male nor female that’s part of your incarnation, just as jew, and protestant and catholic is. and american is. those are all the patterns on different planes of relative reality. and you are at the moment, we’re talking about it, in process, still, in illusion, an entity that is consuming your own stuff, into yourself, you are consuming the mother, finally, it all turns in on itlself, and all there is left is the mother. that’s called the ancient one, that’s what Meher Baba talks. that’s what most religions get to. the concept of the one in form. but the father in christianity isn’t the lord. the lord is an astral entity. the father in christianity is the g/d in judaism. and the g/d in judaism, is the nirvana in buddhism. and it’s brahma in hinduism. it’s that which has no form. it never had any form. that’s the father. and the merging of form and formless into you aren’t, never were, and never will be and also are here in form, that merger comes only when you have consumed the universe into yourself. and to consume the universe into yourself you must be strong enough to compassionately look at the universe of forms and to do it fully you gotta keep your heart wide open, so it is being ripped apart as the bleeding heart of Christ, out of the pain and the suffering of the world. and on this plane doing everything you can to alleviate suffering and simultaneously having a clear vision of the perfection of the universe, of god’s perfection, of the perfection of forms, that nothing is out of the natural law, including suffering, violence, death and harm. and the power and strenght of a human being to simultaneously keep those two levels of consiousness going, not get so high in mighty of the perfection that you let somebody fall in their face in front of you and look and say “oh, it’s their karma”. nor get so lost in picking them up and be angry cause they fell, and the horror of the world, and your righteousness and your pity and your suffering that you don’t see the perfection.

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