Sobre ontem

[16’14”] The interesting example of that predicament was the one in which my guru said to me on the second time I saw him “your mother is a great saint” and I said “didn’t Maharaji say was a great saint’?” and the translator asked Maharaji, Maharaji said “No, is a great saint“. And she was dead, so, she was a dead great saint, so what was that? And what I experienced the moment he said that was the realization that my mother wasn’t who I had thought she was. That I have trapped her in being that jewish, middle-class, nurturing, very responsible, mother. And that was just who she had incarnated in. And he was saying she’s a great being. And suddenly, at that moment that was a reversal and that very few, maybe four or five times in our life – that I could remember – when there had been that reversal and yet we have recognized one another as fellow beings. One example is, she and I were coming back from the dentist’s, and I was maybe nine or so, and we came into a stoplight, and we were playing a game to see who could hold a note the longest. And we were both screaming at the top of our lungs. And we looked over and there was a man in the next car looking at us as if we were both completely insane. And there was a moment when our whole game of mother and child dissolved into the “hey!” of the moment. And at that moment we were outside of our roles for a moment, and then back in. And those were so few and yet they had existed. And it’s interesting after he said that, ever after, that’s who she and I have been with one another. And all that other stuff has disappeared or disolved into the ground. [18’14”]

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