Life is inside every breath

“So now when somebody says “I have a special relationship with you” the question is “do souls have special relationships?”. Ego certainly do. Souls are working out their stuff through ego’s special relationships. But the question is “do you wanna identify with the special relationship or do you wanna identify with the soul?”. And if it’s a soul we just: you’re here, I’m here, “hi!”. What do we got to do? Well, this time we will just wave. Now this time you’ll be my father and I’ll be your child. Now this time let’s be competitors, ok. (…) And the mature relationships that we develop when you work on yourself deeply enough, and you meet another person who is working on themselves deeply enough, is we meet just as: you’re here, I’m here. And then if we have a dance to do, we dance. And then if we don’t have a dance to do, we don’t dance. But the dance or the not dance doesn’t matter to either of us. And yet we love each other, deeply. Deeply. While I’m really playing with different ones of you in these different ways, as if it really matters. But it’s much more fun if you also realize it doesn’t matter. Much more fun, the game is much higher. And I keep saying: hey, play it a different way, come on out!”

Ram Dass – Life is inside every breath (27’43” – 29’30”)

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